29 Nov 2016

N.Phect - Flash (Mayhem & Logam Remix)

Mayhem and Logam teamed up to remix Flash from N.Phect. The result is a dubby techstep tune with hypnotic synths.

28 Nov 2016

Instinkt - Nixon (Kaiza VIP) [Rollerz]

Second release from the new channel Rollerz: This time is a VIP from Kaiza. The tune is a minimal-neurofunk roller with tight beats and deep basslines.

18 Nov 2016

ATYK - Blodline [Skankandbass]

New release from Skankandbass! This time showcasing ATYK who has previously worked more on different kind of bass music. This release is a concentrate of energy and neurofunk bits!

17 Nov 2016

16 Nov 2016

Wilf Hertz - Hustle [Rollerz]

Pure minimalism in this tune from Wilf Hertz. It's out for Rollerz, a brand new source for underground drum&bass.

15 Nov 2016

Dose - Q & A (VIP)

Dose has is own unique imprint which is a perfect combination of techstep rollers and techy neurofunk. You can have a taste of it in this great VIP version of Q & A. Hot!

11 Nov 2016

Kela - Sunset [Delta9 Recordings]

Sunset is a free tune to celebrate Kela's last EP on Delta9 Recordings. Straight to the point neurofunk!

4 Nov 2016

Nu Elementz & Profile - So Beautiful [Gun Audio]

This track made my day! Great collaboration between Nu Elementz and Profile. A smooth liquidfunk roller with sensual vocals and chilled atmospheres... fully recommended