27 Mar 2018

MVRK - Antisocial

MVRK from Bulgaria is giving away this minimal roller with futuristic bits

26 Mar 2018

Nerv - Bust Trickets

Nerv delivers a twisted techstep roller!

15 Jan 2018

Fiction - Into the Unknown EP [Indechse Productions]

Fiction is a newcomer from Bern, Switzerland. This 6 tracks EP contains lot of nice minimal-techstep tunes with dark atmospheres and rolling percussions.

25 Dec 2017

Kiril - Stock Hatsow

Great minimal roller by Kiril with deep basslines and nasty reeces!

24 Oct 2017

Mechanic - I Struggle / Stay With Me [Delta9 Recordings]

Two minimal rollers from Mechanic out on Delta9 Recordings. Check them out!

10 Oct 2017

Sedo - In The Shadows [Juicy Fruit Recordings]

Free one from Sedo. This is a cool tune which remembers me of old school jump-up with some dark attitude.

28 Sep 2017

I-Dren - Digital EP [Boey Audio]

Massive 5 track EP from I-Dren featuring some nice old school bits, with melodic vocals and strong basslines.