29 Jul 2016

Kursiva - Protoos Scout

Free tune from Kursiva. Neurofunk business with stompy beats.

28 Jul 2016

Houbass - The Night Rush

Houbass from Prague gives away this neurofunk-jumpy-roller with interesting rhythmic bassline variations. Fresh tune!

Nosfer - Objet

Nosfer from Finland released this minimal neurofunk tune. Very interesting rhythm changes, from a roller structure to a minimalistic sequence and finally to a stepper.

27 Jul 2016

Cirrus - Angel

Cirrus to celebrate his 1000 followers gives away this minimal stepper. Pure darkness and haunting atmospheres!

26 Jul 2016

Dub Phizix - Fabriclive 84 Free Tunes

Dub Phizix decided to give away for free all the tunes he made exclusively for the Fabriclive 84 mix. All the tunes are great so be sure to checkout this!!!

Neoh - Way Of Chaos

Neoh is a neurofunk producer from Spain and his song Way Of Chaos is a crazy roller with rhythmic basslines and dark atmospheres.

22 Jul 2016

Koven - Get This Right (Bone Remix)

Bone remixed this tune and the result is a great minimalistic stepper with smooth vocals.

21 Jul 2016

Abstrakt Vision - Singularity

Abstrakt Vision gave this great track for free to celebrate 500 followers. Singularity is a deep, minimal roller! Very Hypnotic!

Callide - Ghetto Track / Horns 2016

Two dancefloor bangers from Callide!
Ghetto track will sure smash the dancefloor with its heavyweight sub and the vocals... it remembers me of some old Dillinja tunes!
Horns 2016 is somehow a remix / vip of Horns 2000 from Future Cut. Massive tune as well (as the vocal sample in it says)!

Seyms - Blue Chedda (Fliptrix Verse) [Gyro Records]

Tons of positive vibes with this song from Seyms. Pure oldschool jungle / jump-up sound! A great summer roller with nice ragga vibes and cool vocals.

20 Jul 2016

Internal - Entrance [Tesseract Recordings]

A new freebie from Tesseract Recordings. This time Internal is delivering a minimal-melodic tune with nice layers and an interesting legato main synth line.

SkyDy - Dripstone [Modular Carnage Recordings]

SkyDy is a newcomer from Austria. His release Dripstone is a minimalistic stepper with stompy kicks.

19 Jul 2016

Kyam - Refragment LP

Kyam from UK has released this huge LP. It covers several style of drum&bass, with lot of oldschool darkstep, dark jungle tunes, along some others which move more on a minimal direction.

18 Jul 2016

14 Jul 2016

Parhelia - Over The Iridium Seas They Fly

Parhelia from Russia released an EP which explores different forms of electronic music. Over The Iridium Seas They Fly is my favorite in the release... intelligent dnb with very refined arrangements and hypnotic textures.

12 Jul 2016

Murdock & Doctrine - Arena VIP [Radar Records]

Murdock & Doctrine release this VIP version of Arena. Heavyweight neurofunk halfstepper!

11 Jul 2016

8 Jul 2016

Dubterra - Hybrid EP

Dubterra is a newcomer from Austria, in this two track EP he shows his talent in producing a couple of nice atmospheric liquidfunk tracks.

7 Jul 2016

Seibel & Roxod - Who I Am

Collaboration between Seibel & Roxod. Pure raw neurofunk with some interesting vocal samples!

5 Jul 2016

Serum - Deep Inside

Serum started to release old tracks from his vault. This one is an oldschool jungle - jump up with a classic vocal sample.

1 Jul 2016

E-Sassin - The Void (DStar Remix)

Here is a FREE Bonus Track from the forthcoming Remix Album from Sound Sphere Recordings being released August 10, 2015.

E-Sassin's "The Void" (DStar Remix)[Bonus Track]

DStar, a DJ/Producer out of Philly has been laying down tracks for over ten years and he knocks out a beauty of a remix for the Sound Sphere Remix Album. Full of bass and old school flavor, it is featured as a "bonus track" on the album. Enjoy!