27 Sep 2016

HYQXYZ - Monad

HYQXYZ is a Belgian producer who already gave away some gems in the past. He did it again with Monad, another great techstep roller.

23 Sep 2016

Ethik - Do it [Underland Music]

Another great free minimalistic roller from Ethik. I really love the alternation of pitch in the beat. Very cinematic.

21 Sep 2016

Avok - Speaka [The Database]

Heavyweight neurofunk tune from Avok! Noisy synths and stompy beats for this dancefloor smasher!

20 Sep 2016

Derelicts Of Tomorrow - Street Light

Free tune from Derelicts Of Tomorrow. Apparently released without permission, it's now free to download. Great techstep roller with vocal samples which brings me back to the early 2000 sound!

16 Sep 2016

Solar - Meteors

Meteors from Solar will conquer you with its extremely deep bass and its minimalism!

15 Sep 2016

Destro - Fossil

Free EP from Destro. The opening track, Fossil, is the one that most caught my attention. It's a kind of dark, bouncy, jump up tune!

Budoka - The 1 You Need

This tune was made by Budoka back in 2005 taking inspiration from old '90s Good Looking Records' tracks. This 8 minutes long journey has a smooth melodic feeling, a great intro and nice jazzy samples. A real masterpiece.

14 Sep 2016

Concord Dawn - Ion

This tune from Concord Dawn is already 5 years old. Great techstep roller!

13 Sep 2016

Sweet n Sikka - You Aint (VIP) [InnA Rhythm Recordings]

Great VIP out on InnA Rhythm Recordings. You Aint has a great oldschool flavour and remember me of some of late '90 tunes out on labels like East Side.

12 Sep 2016

Breden - Adapt

Breden, a trio of producers from Belgium, released this halfstep tune.

9 Sep 2016

AKOV - Journey

The english producer AKOV is slowly getting more and more attention in the neurofunk scene. Here's one of his free tune. Smooth vocal samples and a solid beats with a classic neurofunk flavor.

8 Sep 2016

7 Sep 2016

Dissident - Robot Temple

Dissident is a pioneer of russian drum&bass. Always experimenting and pushing the limit of the genre with his unique mix of electric beats and psychic textures, in this free tune unleashed a halfstep monster. This tune is almost a techno tune in terms of sounds choice, with extreme low end and a stepper beat.

2 Sep 2016

Internal - Translucent EP [Delta9 Recordings]

New free release from +Delta9 Recordings. It's the time for a 3 track EP from Internal. Three minimal dnb tunes, two of them have a stepper attitude, while Translucent flows more straightforward.