30 Apr 2016

Noisy Antics - Coco Tea

Noisy Antics produced this nice ragga-flavoured jungle track! Positive vibes in the air!

SubMarine - No Limit [Requiem Cologne]

SubMarine from Cologne, produced this atmospheric stepper, with smooth melodies.

27 Apr 2016

Freqax & Diode feat. Weirdo Jax - Bang

Great collaboration between Freqax & Diode who deliver this neurofunk banger!

Audio Habitat - Heavy Terror [AutomAte DnB]

Audio Habitat is a german collective. They released this heavy roller for AutomAte DnB. Raw neurofunk - techstep tune with an oldschool touch.

Kosheen - Hide U (Quantum Mechanix Club Bootleg)

Quantum Mechanix give away this halfstep remix of the classic Hide U by Kosheen. Grab it now!


INMACHINESWETRUST from Frankfurt, released this minimalistic roller. Deep and funky!

26 Apr 2016

Heist - Losing You [Metalheadz]

To celebrate the release of his Violent Rain EP on Metalheadz, Heist is giving away Losing You as a free bonus track. Playful, yet packing a punch, this one is sure to put an extra spring in your step.

Immersion, Rune & Kaiza - Geiger [Ammunition Recordings]

Great collaboration between Immersion, Rune & Kaiza!
Geiger is a minimalistic neurofunk trip! Totally hypnotic!

25 Apr 2016

Kutlo - Underpass [Modulate Recordings]

Kutlo released this minimal, neurofunk monster for the italian label Modulate Recordings.

A-Cray - Looper [Darktide Recordings]

A-Cray back in 2013 released this free track for Darktide Recordings (RIP?). Neurofunk bouncy roller!

Instinkt - Y So Rude (Kaiza VIP) [Transmission Audio]

Instinkt released a rolling neurofunk tune for Transmission Audio

mirror download

D Flect - Thought Prism / Dream Prism [Tesseract Recordings]

D Flect, owner of Tesseract Recordings, released this two beautiful pearls. A great mix of melodic bits and minimalistic textures.

23 Apr 2016

Subtle Element - Artificial EP

Subltle Element from Bristol, UK delivers this great 3 tracks EP with nice minimal rollers.

The Sect - Demons

The Sect back in 2012 gave away this great tune! Organic drums, super roller!

22 Apr 2016

Sidelane - Demon Tree

Sidelane a new producer from Belgium released this track on his soundcloud. A nice combination between minimal and jump up drum&bass

TC - Rep (Kanine Remix)

Kanine from UK remixed this track from TC and had a nice woobling jump up flavor!

Basic Forces - Come Down [Auraya Recordings]

Basic Forces released this roller for Auraya Recordings. Grab your copy!

21 Apr 2016

Thematic - Survival EP [Hyperion Audio]

Thematic is a newcomer from Russia.
Survival is a minimal roller, Good Day has a nice bouncy beat, while Tools is a stompy halfstep track.

20 Apr 2016

Jumpat - Bones EP [Internet Recordings]

Jumpat is a veteran in the drum&bass scene, with releases for labels like Renegade HardwareBasswerk, T3K.

Back in 2012 he delivered this two free tunes for Internet Recordings. Pure techstep sound, whitout compromises

Download at internetrecordings.org

Blackley - Prohibited

Blackley delivers this free track to celebrate 9000 likes on Facebook.

Dancefloor oriented drum&bass with a slight jump-up flavor.

It's available to download at The Artist Union

19 Apr 2016

Theejay - Concept EP [Convex Records]

Theejay is a producer, co-owner of Hyperion Audio. In this release for Convex Records he delivers two heavy halfsteps with bouncy beats.

Rafiki - Atlas / Mechanize [Lost Recordings]

Rafiki from UK, is the owner of Lost Recordings together with Draize.
Atlas starts with deep atmospheres and end up with a nice roller.
Mechanize is an hypnotic minimal drum&bass track.

Pen - Betazoid [Tesseract Recordings]

Pen is a producer from Tallin, Estonia. This track out on Tesseract Recordings is pure minimalistic drum&bass with sharp, percussive drum line.

Mindless - Fierce

Mindless is a Drum&Bass producer from Heidelberg, Germany.
Fierce is a free track on his soundcloud. It's a techstep roller with hypnotic drums and rhythmic pads.

Quantum Mechanix - So Cold / Echoes In The Void [Delta9 Recordings]

Quantum Mechanix is a Drum & Bass duo from Manchester, UK. They have release with several labels like Terabyte Records, NBAudio, Killscreen.

The release on Delta9 Recordings is an interesting mixture of halfstep with minimalistic and futuristic atmospheres. Check it out!