12 Oct 2016

DLR - Staring At The Ceiling [Dispatch Recordings]

Free techstep roller from DLR to celebrate his album "Dreamland".

Since today I'm a bit lazy, I've copy/pasted the song's description:

Today we (DLR & Ant) both decided we'd give this one away (only an hour ago in all honesty) as a straight up, no fuss free download. 
"Staring At The Ceiling" was never originally intended for release and was always a roughly mixed track intended for dance floors only (infact along with Noisia we're the only people to ever have the track or play it out to date). 
We discussed putting it on the album recently at one point but decided against in the end as (to us) whilst being a great and very effective dance floor geared track we didn't feel it fit into the albums overall vision and theme quite as well as the others that all collectively make up 'Dreamland'. 
We hope you enjoy listening / playing it out as much as we have!